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Enrichment Programs

 In addition to our exceptional classroom learning, Good Shepherd Center is proud to offer extended learning opportunities through enrichment programs.


Our Infant and Toddler Enrichment is coordinated by Courtney Parrott. She brings over 17 years of experience in early childhood education to support our infant and toddler teaching teams. From helping with lesson planning and activity preparation to covering classrooms on an as-needed basis, Courtney enhances the learning opportunities for our littlest learners at GSC!


Music Enrichment at GSC is facilitated by Gloria Hartley, a Board Certified Music Therapist who also plays the guitar and the cello. Gloria provides a weekly music class to all our GSC classrooms, supporting social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development through music. She introduces the children to new songs, instruments, rhythms and musical games, all of which provide exposure to diverse instruments and allow children to interact with music in new ways.

music-therapist-board-certified (3).png


Literacy Enrichment at GSC encourages reading, print exposure, storytelling, and comprehension. Our Literacy Program is coordinated by Roxy Johnson, an experienced children’s librarian who facilitates engaging storytimes for each classroom group from our youngest infants all the way up to our Pre-K students. She also ensures that our GSC Library has diverse and inclusive materials, and facilitates increased book access through partnerships with local libraries.


Movement Enrichment at GSC is coordinated by Coach Teri, an enthusiastic and talented children’s sports coach for over  20 years. She supports physical development for children 18 months and up while also promoting cognitive and social-emotional development, preparing children to understand their sense of self in space and as part of a group.


GSC also partners with Coach Teri Spencer and the IC Fire Soccer Program to provide an optional soccer class to any student enrolled into the IC Fire program.  The classes are carefully designed for each specific age group from very young 2’s up to Pre-K and gives children an early introduction to group sports while teaching perseverance and sportsmanship.


For more information visit IC Fire @


GSC is excited to continue our partnership with Tippi Toes Dance.  Every week this exceptional early dance program is welcomed into our building to lead a Baby Ballet class (2-3 year olds) as well as a Ballet/Tap/Jazz class (4-5 year olds) to any GSC student enrolled into the dance program. 


For more information visit Tippi Toes at

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