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Toddler Programs

Yellow Room

Yellow Room introduces children to our enrichment programs and while continuing with the free choice centers structure. Center activities include manipulatives, sensory experiences, art projects and dramatic play. Within these activities, children interact with each other and their teachers in an environment to develop important social and communication skills. Toddlers will gain independence and confidence through the use of reasonable choices and positive reinforcement.

Green Room
Emerging Preschoolers

Green Room is our transitional program between the toddler and preschool classes. This room focuses on language development, potty training, and the ability to empathize and interact successfully with their peers. Our program lays the foundations for preschool success through early exposure to phonetic awareness and meaningful play. With children's strong desire for independence, we provide opportunities for each child to strengthen emerging skills by introducing them to new ways of interacting with and learning from their environment.

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