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Our mission is to provide high-quality early childhood

education in a loving and welcoming environment.


We view the child as a whole person by fostering their physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities while

guiding the child to become a competent well-balanced social being. We value and honor the

spirit of childhood through our belief that children learn best when allowed to experience things in a hands-on,

play-based environment that supports their individual needs and talents.


COMMUNITY: We strengthen our community through growing meaningful
relationships within the center and with our shared community.

DEVELOPMENT: We invest in our employees by providing competitive wages and
professional development opportunities to recruit, retain, and reward excellence.

EDUCATION: We foster curiosity through our learning-through-play curriculum
that promotes the social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.

INCLUSION: We celebrate diversity through our practices and welcome all
with generosity and understanding.

WELLBEING: We serve nutritious meals and promote playful movement in
safe indoor and outdoor environments.

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