Our Mission

The center will view a child as a whole person emphasizing his/her spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual ability while guiding a child to become a competent well-balanced social being. We value and honor the spirit of childhood in our belief that children learn best when allowed to experience things in a  hands-on, play-based environment that supports their individual needs and talents. In order to facilitate this learning, GSC is dedicated to maintaining small classroom sizes and a low child-to-teacher ratio.

Our Philosophy

Good Shepherd Center strives to provide a high-quality early childhood program situated within a safe and nurturing environment. A high-quality program is one that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. Good Shepherd Center will strive to be a responsible employer, knowing that qualified staff is vital to providing high-quality childcare. Good Shepherd Center serves a diverse population of children and their families and we strive as a community to support and celebrate diversity.